About Us

Bump’n was born out of a desire to create the perfect maternity pant, and moreover, the ultimate postpartum pant and solution to reclaiming your pre-baby body.​

Our founder, Danielle Elias Las, initially had the idea for this line when she began seeing her friends strapping themselves into postpartum belly contraptions in an effort to get their bodies back after giving birth. These devices were not only ugly and uncomfortable but they were unsuitable to leave the house in! She believed there had to be a better way and so began her journey.​

Later, as she became pregnant, she started asking around about the best maternity pants to buy. She found that her friends were either suggesting leggings that were astronomically priced and only fitting for pregnancy or they were suggesting their usual workout leggings and sizing up which was not only expensive, but it meant they would never fit again.   

After two years of product testing, research, hard work, and a lot of love; the Bump’n core line of products arrived the same week as Danielle’s first born son. Twins!​

All Bump’n products are designed specifically with Moms in mind, by Moms who care and understand the needs of growing Mamas and new Mamas. Our maternity leggings offer support in all the right places and comfort in every way. Our, New Mama postpartum legging is c-section safe and designed to jumpstart the process of getting your body back, feeling your best and looking great! 

Most importantly, Bump’n designs pants with purpose. We aim to create more Bump’n Mama’s with the sale of every pair by donating to IVF and infertility charities worldwide. This is a cause very important to Danielle and to our team as a whole, and we are committed to helping make more Mamas everywhere! 

So whether you are loving your bump, or showing it a new kind of love, join us and follow along with all Bump’n Mamas @bumpnclothing